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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Pack Horse/Burro 

I felt like a burro today, saddled with tasks and chores. I packed in some work at my desk early, then got lost driving on Route 208 North to an exploratory work interview, [designer] tote bag over shoulder when I arrived. I had left home without coffee or breakfast, pressed for time. Wanted caffeine and carbs. I got to the ATM drive-through and it was out of service. So I slogged into the bank and a pizza place in a downpour, flowered umbrella [barely] protectng my blowout./Still wobbling in my heels and navigating puddles, I got Punch from school at 2 for a dr appt. We then went to Whole Foods for my coffee, finally, and the mandatory, prepackaged school-safe/nut-free Treasure Mills mini cupcakes for the Halloween class party Friday. Gone are the days—at least in our school district—of Mom’s fudge brownies and frosted cupcakes. It’s a bummer but I know nut allergies can be dangerous. And there are still home parties to bake for. After depositing Punch at CCD at 5:30, I unloaded groceries, carried Sug into the car, got Fig’s RX and balanced a 12-pack of Scott Tissue on my hip. /I was too tired to go to meditation class. I cancelled my good sitter. I did like lying on the couch later while Dan played “This Moment” by The Incredible String Band on the guitar./In other news, I didn’t get that job I wanted. At first I was ok about it, then I cried some, sitting on the couch—I thought I had aced the test—and then I was ok again. I have continued to apply for other jobs all the while. I will power on. /I do believe in the power of the universe, that things fall into place as they should. /I once applied for a lifestyle editor position at a well-known parenting magazine and didn’t get it. I felt rejected. In a crazy game of musical chairs, I later left my job as lifestyle writer at another mag to freelance from home and be w young Figgy more—and my post was filled by someone from that parenting magazine. I saw the hiring editor at a wedding soon after and then she called me back for the job./So you never really know how things will work out in the end./But back to the burro. Do you ever feel like one, trudging through tasks? Good night.


  1. Never thought of it as a burro, but I think that is the perfect image for some days. Today, for instance. Thanks for the thoughts-I'll give you a bray if I pass you on the trail!

  2. Always!

    Just wanted to add that I cried when I got rejected from the two jobs just before I got my current job. I was feeling sooooo rejected. And I knew I would have been a good fit in either place; someone just beat me out.

    The silver lining is that then I KNEW I was ready to come back to the workplace. My passion was on the rise. :) Good luck on the next one!

  3. Hi friend! thank you for the note, and for the support. I like alice