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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Big Screen: Lady Bird & Coco

From The sticker book.

Tuesday night, saw “Lady Bird” with Figgy. Loved the look at a Catholic girls’ high school in Sacramento in 2002. Laurie Metcalf is tightly wound and very precise as the mother of a daughter coming of age as a college-bound senior. You can relate to a mother's hard-won crinkles around the eyes, her patience stretched thin. The plot may have been sewn up a little too neatly at the end but really, it wasn’t a final stitch that will last forever; it’s one of many mends in a mother-daughter relationship. It left Figgy in tears. I was glad to be there with her.

Tonight, Dan and I took Punchy to see the Pixar movie “Coco.” In the vein of “Moana,” it celebrates family and culture and honors our elders and the love and lessons they pass on. This one is rooted in the Spanish tradition of Day of the Dead. And though I’ve seen hard white sugar skulls, decorated, at the Mexican restaurant in town, that was the extent of my knowledge. I also like the  song “Remember Me,” and downloaded it to both Punchy’s and my Spotify playlists [both on my iPhone, her use is very limited] as soon as we got in the car. Good night. 

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