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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

This is Montclair: Ribbons of Prosciutto & Truffled Eggs

When I say this is Montclair, I say it with fondness. Our town has Old Money roots and mansions on the hill, but it is a blue city. We are mostly liberal, embracing art, and very diverse./To breakfast at The Corner, on the corner of Walnut and Grove, is to remember: This is Montclair. Privileged, trendy, Brooklyn-moves-to-Jersey Montclair./I met a sweet friend there today at 9:45 and signs, signs, everywhere the signs [to borrow from the lyrics by Five Man Electrical Band]. Moms getting out for baked eggs and a latte while the kids are safely tucked in school. Avocado toast, rustic bread, burrata. Braised radicchio on my breakfast plate. A scone shared by two women with pretty hair. Designer coffee. Stevia and Sugar in the Raw packets. The bill, $19 each, counting tip. This is Montclair. And I liked it./Good Night to you. 

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