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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Under a Tall Steeple in Danbury

Sis and Chaiya and Buttercup came to Punchy’s soccer game today and then drove Punch and me back to Connecticut for an overnight visit. We went to an evening concert in Danbury at a Congregational church that traces its roots back to 1696. The music was pretty and so was the historic church, with numbered [assigned] pews and scarlet cushions. In the vestibule, I saw framed floor plans with the names of who sat where. I find that fascinating. In my Catholic Church, Mary P. generally sits on the left in the center and the older couple w white hair, who know Joyce, take a front row, but aside from that, it’s a free-for-all and you can switch it up every Sunday if you like. Something about that old seating plan makes me wish I could travel back in time, just for a day, to attend those church services and see those families. The stories would be intriguing—and more complicated than the naked eye could see. Good night. 

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