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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Day 8: Still Just One Day at a Time

Can't do too much too soon. Getting used to sleep apnea [CPAP] machine, which technician dropped off yesterday. Bought new bubble bath for a nice treat. And Bosc pears to slice and caramelize with a pinch of tawny brown sugar and cinnamon.

Went to therapy today. Respect and trust my therapist [blog code name: Private Benjamin]. But we differ on some significant things. He thinks if sugar is a problem, because it is addictive for some people, that said person should not put herself in the way of it via holiday parties with lavish dessert tables and well-stocked bars. But said person disagrees, does not want to skip the parties. I could conceivably, as I did a couple times last year, bring a big crystal bowl of fresh red strawberries. They disappeared. People loved them.

Didn't have the heart to tell V. today that I am making chocolate biscotti to bring to my book group on Friday night. You see, biscotti contain less sugar and butter than ordinary cookies and are hard, so you can't really race through a handful of soft bites. We read a book based in Italy.

Onward. More to come.


  1. I'm with you, on the parties. I think if you don't go, the sense of deprivation and resentment-(I can't have sweets AND I can't have parties) will build up and lead to a rebound. But it'll be tricky and you'll need a plan-strawberries sounds great!

  2. Thank you, Nan. Honestly, sometimes it is hard for me to decide where wise advice should end and my will and wants should begin. love Alice