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Sunday, January 21, 2018

We Stole Away to Cape May

Dan surprised me and booked a nice room for Saturday night at the ICONA on Beach Avenue in Cape May, right across from the ocean. We got engaged in Cape May one weekend in December 1989. Since it’s January, he got a great rate online; from July 1 to Labor Day, there’s a 2-night minimum and rates per room are $300 to $500 per night! Crazy. [Suites are even more.] It was a luxury to be there. All new and clean and white, that room—and housekeeping [I’m sorry I can’t remember the woman’s name from the envelope in the room] had wrapped the end of the toilet paper into a ruffly rose and folded the navy washcloths into fancy pleated pockets to hold the small soap bars and toiletries. I would love to go back. It’s about 2.5 hours or more to mile zero on the Garden State Parkway. We wished we could stay a week but like responsible parents and dog owners and working writers with deadlines, we headed back home, stopping first in our weekend rental car at unglamorous ShopRite, for milk, cider, bread, apples, spinach, chicken, vegs. It was a lovely birthday, my first by the sea. We walked on the beach, sat by the crackling fire at Congress Hall—and I picked out a really cute sweater with bell sleeves at Tommy’s Folly in Congress Hall. Dan went back and bought it. Figgy gave me a beautiful card in a pale pink envelope and is still making my gift in her attic room. I spoke to Sis and Moey and texted with friends. More to come but must sleep. Good night. Xo. Grateful. We couldn’t have done it without Figgy and our sitter, Elaine, to mind Punchy.


  1. So glad that you had a special birthday! I love Cape may, too -- with all the Victorian architecture. Love, Lin