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Friday, January 5, 2018

So Grateful for Heat

It is so cold out—near 7 degrees and supposed to be colder tomorrow.  I am thankful for the hat on my head and the oil in our tank. For the basement burner that roars on and off, using the fuel to heat the water that warms our old radiators. Sometimes, in this freelance household, our funds have dipped low and I have had to almost plead—with Judy at the oil company—for a home delivery. How good it felt to see the truck pull up and give our tank a nice deep drink. But thank God, and hard work, that hasn’t happened in years. It’s a shameful feeling. We”re both freelancers, I got tired of hearing myself say. Our income fluctuates a lot. I have empathy for those with no heat. I hope they can take shelter with friends or family or at another welcoming space. It is frigid out there. 

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