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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Sunday in the Park w Sis 

Punch and I drove over to see Sis this afternoon after Mass. It was freezing but we sisters took a drive and short walk at Greenwich Point, pictures above. [Punchy stayed in the warm condo, cuddling w Buttercup and supervised by Sis’s friend Chaiya.] Then we squeezed in a little Greenwich Avenue shopping* and sandwiches by the fire at the very cozy Ginger Man. Good night. Love my Sis.


  1. Quiet prayer, albeit brief, at church.
  2. Salad instead of fries w sandwich.
  3. Nice glass of milk.

*Got Dan two nice pairs of socks at Brooks Brothers from me, Figgy, Punchy and Sug to congratulate him on his article about kids at risk/foster care in today’s New York Times Magazine. It was harder than I expected to find socks there. A cozy, wintry pair was cashmere, $59.50, and label said do not tumble dry. Many were more reasonably priced merino wool but also, no tumble drying. That’s just not realistic for Dan’s socks in this house. My tights, yes; his socks, no. He wouldn’t remember to keep them separate from regular wash.


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    1. I will tell him, Kim. Thanks on his behalf. He worked long and hard on that one!