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Monday, February 12, 2018

10 Soothing Words

CVS brand Epsom Salt with Chamomile and Green Tea Fragrance. 

Perhaps the best six bucks I will ever spend.

I used about half the smallish bag in hot water, and felt instantly transported to another place and time. The bath was buoyant and beautiful--even if it didn't soak away some of the crazy swirling around the house.

Fourth grade for Punchy is proving to be challenging in many push-the-envelope, resist-the-boundaries ways. Punchy has a good, true heart and a sweet love, but boy.....that slime craze, for one thing, is driving us nuts. She just spent a ton of her Christmas gift money from uncles and aunts on ingredients to make the squishy stuff.....ingredients like contact lens solution, glue, glitter....a bad, runny batch found its way onto my mother's lace tablecloth and mahogany dresser.....

Meanwhile, thankfully, Figgy is very content learning to count plankton under the microscope at Montclair State. And I had to wait for her to empty out fish tank water in our tub before I could rinse it and begin my soothing pour.

Good night.

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