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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Laundry List

Number of times today that I:
  • Cleaned Sugar’s tinkle off the wood floor, 1.
  • Scooped up #2 from same, 1. Obviously, her Royal Self didn’t want to do her business out in the rain.
  • Packed Punchy’s lunch, 1.
  • Unpacked same lunch, 1.  She is finicky and has very little appetite during school day due to ADHD meds, unfortunately. But she had a hearty chicken dinner w corn on the cob.
  • Used chopped garlic and canola oil, 2. Once for sautéed mushrooms, once in Chicken Marbella.
  • Lit a candle, 4.
  • Used butter, 2. Once on Ezekiel toast, once on a roll at dinner.
  • Got a ride from a friend, 2. Rachael drove me to ShopRite after we met for coffee at Marcel in town and Elaine was shopping anyway, so kindly drove me home.
  • Ate whole bag veggie chips, 1.
  • Had eggs, 2. Once in egg salad.
  • Texted with Sis, 2.
  • Texted with Dan, 4.
  • Texted with Figgy, 2.
  • Put things in recycling, 4.
  • Washed my hands, 6 plus.
  • Thought seriously about pots and pans writing, 3.
  • Put daffodils in bud vases, 1.
  • Watered houseplants, 2.
Good night.


  1. Kinda fun to see you light candles and text Dan most!

  2. Good morning, friend. TGIF. Hope your workweek has been good. Glad you will make scallops! Xo