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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Small Solace at Mass 

I liked:

  • That Figgy’s friend Zoey kindly drove Punch and me to church.
  • Seeing the cute babies and their parents.
  • Hearing the Communion hymn.
  • Watching a little girl with brown curls—she was 3–cling to Punchy’s hand on walk to Communion. We just met her today, through our friends at Mass.
  • Sinking into prayer, ever so briefly.
  • Noticing everyone’s snow boots, from little pink and white ones to mom-size fur-lined lace-ups.

Good night.


  1. Alice, I like looking around at Mass too! but I winced alittle when I red about sinking briefly into prayer. My general distractability includes Mass, and I am not thrilled... I could use more dedicated prayer time on my life. I hope and believe there are points for showing up, hoping to improve.

    1. Ah yes, sinking briefly into prayer. Ever since Punchy entered our lives--and my trips to Sunday Mass--that is the reality for me. I have to catch a bit of prayer either while lighting a candle, walking back from Communion, etc. She is simply so distracting. Misbehavior, talking, etc. Do you go with Peter or alone? What prevents you from praying? xoxox Alice