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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Treasure Hunt

Here are some things I was happy to find when I dug through that dresser top yesterday, dust cloth in hand:
  • The tiny gold and diamond stud earrings, the first diamonds I ever received, a lovely graduation gift from my college boyfriend, Jeff. I can't believe I haven't lost them since opening that little box and seeing the sparkling stones in my campus apartment in May 1983.
  • A couple of heart pendants, Valentine gifts from Don and Sis. So pretty.
  • Two pairs of Christian Dior [costume jewelry] earrings that I bought as a newlywed. One pair is faux amethyst, the other faux aquamarine. Still nice, and I know they will be even nicer once I clean them with hot water, hand soap and a toothbrush.
  • My mother's mother's ring, with the birthstones of her four children. Sis passed it on to me. It's too small for my fingers; might have it made into something.
  • The skinny Trish McEvoy brow pencil I bought on one of my solo summer drives to the Hamptons! There's a nice little Trish McEvoy store tucked away on Jobs Lane in Southampton. One summer day a couple/few years back, they were even selling beautiful, dreamy Trish McEvoy blouses. Wanted, wanted....not in my size, or my budget, but soooooo pretty. The colors, bows, necklines, feminine details. I can't find images of them anywhere now....HOLD THE PHONE! I just went to and it looks like blouses may be coming!!! 
I digress. Must get to work at my desk. Good day to you!


  1. Hold the phone in bright pink, you crack me up. I don’t have even a tiny bit of your knowledge about designers, but I do love thinking about outfits and putting together looks, even if I barely apply those thoughts to my own appearance! Hope your blouses are beautiful and on deep discount!

    1. Hi Liz. I saw a Trish McEvoy lace blouse on eBay for $40 or so! But not new with tags, so I’m hesitant. My friend Rachael has gotten me into so many good things, from healthy eating to Poshmark, where I got Tory Burch like new wedge sandals for about $30! Xoxo Alice