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Monday, March 5, 2018

Uncle Jim

My Uncle Jim died; he was 91. My Mom had three younger brothers, and Jim was the eldest. He was married for 62 years to Aunt Gloria, my godmother. The wake was today; the funeral is tomorrow. I don’t like that Uncle Jim reached the winter of his life. He was smart, kind and a U.S. Army veteran. He had 5 children—Maria, Jimmy, Annie, Cathy and Joey. They lived 9 houses away from us on Bedford Road in Dumont and I spent lots of fun play time there.

Let me see, I think it was 9 houses between us: 1. The Russels 2. The Donovans/Will's friend Bobby Donovan, and a boy named Robin lived upstairs in the two-family? 3. House owned by family I didn’t know 4. Gilmartins 5. Older lady/house w fancy white wrought-iron garden bench? 6. Harris family 7. Brenda Wing 8. Not sure who next  9. Three sisters: Debbie, Denise and Doreen.

Anyway, it’s sad. My uncle was hardworking and friendly. He was a civil engineer. Good night.


  1. Alice, so sorry to hear of your uncle’s passing. I grew up a mile from where my dad grew up, and 5 of his 6 siblings stayed in the area. Having an aunt or uncle who watched you grow is a wonderful relationship! Losing the generation that knew You as a child is irreparable. Happy you had your uncle Jim until he was 91. Hope the wake has good memories.

  2. counter sign Liz. Uncles are dear and I miss mine, especially Uncle Roy who we lost last year. My favorite grown-up memory is when he called after my mother's funeral and we debriefed the event, down to the speeches and food, the way I would have with my Mom. Now, no one from that generation is left for me in that way. I only Roy's wife, who is a sweetie, but not the phone chatty type. I also love that you could name each house on the street. I can do that, too! Ah, our sweet sweet memories. May they give you comfort this week, Alice, as you say good bye to Uncle Jim. xoxo