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Thursday, March 15, 2018

WRITING Sugar: A Love Story

I'm proud of this essay I was assigned to write for I know 
many of you 
[Eileen, Kim, Nan, thank you!] have already seen 
the link on my Facebook page, 
but I'm sharing here for my writing archives, too.

One writer documents her personal break-up with sugar, made especially difficult because some of her best memories are made of sweet stuff.

Good night, sweet dreams.

  1. I moved my body again today, two loops up the hilly block with Sug.
  2. Ate half a baked apple.
  3. Had a healthy breakfast that did power me through my work morning: a lot of baby spinach sautéed in a little olive oil with one egg; some nice wide Parmigiana shavings melted on top. Enjoyed with hot sauce and freshly ground black pepper and two pieces of good grain bread with Irish butter.


  1. Moving and a good breakfast. Yum! I share those goals lately.

    Loved your essay.

  2. Yay on movement and double yay on essay - my comment got swallowed but I will Re-post. I fail at internet pretty often...

  3. Wow, Alice. I just read this. Really great... so open and honest and relatable. You are trying so hard and it's so difficult. By the way, I remember those cakes that your mom used to make. Some of them baked for my fathers's birthday celebration, combined with Saint Patty's Day and a meal of corned beef and cabbage (his birthday was yesterday). He loved bringing us to your house to spend his birthday with his brother's family. (I think Irish whiskey was somehow involved.) Anyway, good memories, uh-oh, centered around food... Love, Lin XOXO

    1. Hi Lin. Thank you! I’m so glad Uncle Aldo liked coming over!!!! I miss all of them. Xoxo and ps. Yes, inevitably, memories are centered around food esp in our Italian-American family, right?

  4. Nan and Liz, thank you for your faith in me!