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Monday, July 23, 2018

Hi from NY Penn Station 🚊 

The Vermonter, scheduled for 11:33 a.m. departure, has been delayed several times, now to 12:11. 

I forgot how expensive things are in Penn Station and managed to peel off a lot of lettuce for a big bottled water, Nathan’s hotdog w sauerkraut and mustard, small hazelnut iced coffee, tuna on rye to take on 8-hour train ride, Reader’s Digest and roasted, sea-salted cashews.

I also witnessed an attempted robbery, when a man in his thirties ran out of the restroom shouting Stop! Hey, give that back! A man had obsconded w the fellow’s large maroon rolling suitcase. 

The shouting helped. The robber, who wore tattered clothing, released his hold on the handle, then exited up the escalator to Eighth Avenue, suitcase-free.

I’m watching my bags [at my feet] from the corner of my eye while I stand, blogging on my fone.

Train aprroaching station.

Talk soon. Xo

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