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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Vermont Notebook

I loved getting away for four days/three nights. I'm a couple hours from NY Penn Station on the way home now.

The train is nosing closer and closer to that hectic pace, that crowded Eighth Avenue sidewalk I will navigate between Penn Station and the Port Authority, where I will then catch the #66 bus back to Montclair. All that jostling on the NYC sidewalk for maybe 15 minutes, walking with two big bags....I can feel it already. Trying hard not to bump into people. And my luggage is even heavier than when I left because it's loaded down with 2 jars of Vermont berry jam, a little jug of maple syrup for Sis, a pretty blue mason jar, a hot pink beverage bottle I bought at PK Coffee, and one large maple sugar leaf for my Figgy.

I do love my family, but I cherish freedom and space and already know that about me!

  1. Those white steeples against that blue sky, mountains soaring everywhere.
  2. Pure Vermont maple syrup jugs and treats. I noticed cheesecake and milkshakes made with the liquid gold--and of course, those molded maple sugar candies shaped like perfect leaves. I got a box for Punch and her cabin mates/two counselors at camp.
  3. Which brings me to the U.S. Post Office in Stowe. I love visiting Post Offices when I travel.....proof that I am away,  immersing myself in the place, sending something back home. My mother was like that, too, with the P.O. on Cape Cod. Anyway, I bought a red padded envelope with hearts on it and shipped the candies off to the mini brunette.
  4. Seeing Meggy and her husband, Greg. Having time to talk to Meggy about everything from sunscreen to mammograms, college memories to careers. Biking and walking with her, seeing her women's running club, meeting her friend, watching a couple of old "Perry Mason" shows. Eating out, laughing, taking time to myself to read and doze.
  5. Soft bed, clean sheets, plush towels, immaculate house...serene and unlike mine. No dust balls, clutter, broken children living there now.
  6. Nice Vermont water in my glass.
  7. Melted Cabot Cheddar cheese featured everywhere--had it on my scrambled eggs yesterday and on Potatoes Verde today, with mild green chilies and salsa. Yum.
  8. Green and white license plates, fresh green and white road signs [not like NJ's dull signs].
  9. Getting driven everywhere, like a princess, in either Meg's or Greg's car.
  10. Having/taking/building in mental space and time to apply concealer, mascara and bronzing powder and remove makeup at night. That felt good. TCOY. I want to do that daily at home! But sometimes just too exhausted. TBH, not sometimes, but often.
  11. Pretty flower gardens and planters.
  12. Cows and horses.
Talk to you later. xo


  1. Love the long happy list! You enjoy so many things, and are so grateful,fun to read.

    Of course you dreaded bumping along with heavy suitcases -bah, who wouldn’t?! And having an 11 year old puts you in a different activity level than most of us, of course you need space and freedom! Hope your minivacay carries over to a peaceful weekend, in your head if not your activities.

    I am going to be busy and happy this weekend with seeing son in Pittsburgh and friends onSunday -including Kim’s oldest and Nan and her posse! Yay!