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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Punch to Camp Tomorrow 

It’s an investment--but worth it, in a [rustic] bungalow on a NJ lake for 13 nights, all meals and comraderie, fun and role models included. I found we had most of the things on the long packing list, from metal mess kit [I think they camp out one night] to rain boots. But we did have to/chose to buy:

  • Flashlight, Target, or T.
  • One-pc swimsuit, T. Punch has 2-pieces, but thought she’d like one-pc for daily lake swimming; I was right. And it’s so cute, blue and white striped w red crisscross straps and a little cherry 🍒 appliqué.
  • Two navy skorts, T. I waited for last min and couldn’t find shorts.
  • Two white polo shirts, T.
  • Two swim caps, YMCA.
  • Judy Blume and Dear Dumb Diary books, my friends’ book sale to benefit library.
  • Crest kids’ toothpaste, CVS.
  • Lavender baby shampoo, lavender conditioner, mint body wash, honeysuckle soap pump, Whole Foods.
  • A Christmas present. I asked Fig to buy it and wrap it for me at Montclair Stationery, where she works. Punch will be at camp during the week the girls celebrate Christmas in July, a tradition that can involve caroling, cookie decorating, etc.
  • A squishy red stress ball.

I hope Punchy loves sleepaway camp as much as Fig did. Figgy went to Frost Valley YMCA Camp in the Catskills from just shy of age 8 to age 16. She was a C.I.T. Camp Nyoda is 101 years old and all girls, which seemed like a good fit for Punch. My friend Rachael’s lovely daughter went there and has been a counselor there for several years.

I’m not finished packing but will in a.m., before Mass.

Good night.


  1. Went to support group. Walked home. Pretty day.
  2. Shopped for healthy family dinner in honor of Punch going to camp. Dan made stir-fry w tofu and we had shrimp on the side. I browned apricots and donut peaches in a sklllet and we had w a little ice cream [vegan for Figgy].
  3. I’m taking the Amtrak Vermonter train Monday morning to visit my college roommate/pal Meg, who lives in Stowe w her husband. Back Thursday evening. $142 round trip!


  1. Camp sounds great but your train trip to Vermont sounds even better! Have a wonderful time!

    1. Liz, the camp was so awesome! Like out of “The Parent Trap.” Rustic, Sweet, empowering for girls. Xoxo