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Friday, August 17, 2018

Cape Cod Friday Photo Album

Just another summer Friday--not. I hope I live to be old and able to tap into memories of nature-packed days like today.

  • Dan, Michael, Anne and Ryan headed back to Montclair around noon [work and other obligations]. Punch, Nik, Sug & I staying til Monday morning. We girls [sans Sucre] zipped around Orleans and Eastham.
  • We went into The Salty Crown in Orleans, a fun, young fashion store. And right next to it, a wonderful beeswax candle shop--with hand-dipped and molded candles in shapes like mermaid, whale and Santa--plus traditional soft yellow tapers. We bought magical wish candles. [This morning, I received an article check via direct deposit, so have some money again. Was also able to take girls to Ben & Jerry’s.]
  • Top photo, Nik & Punch along the walking trail in the salt marsh behind the Salt Pond Visitor Center.
  • Other two photos, tranquil Great Pond in Eastham, where we ran into the water at 5 p.m. and emerged, soothed and refreshed, at 7.

Good night. Setting alarm for free, ranger-led "Sharks & Seals" walk tomorrow morning on Coast Guard Beach.


  1. I hope you grow old and remember these idyllic summer days too!

    So funny to me that this is MA - I love MA and have wonderful memories, but they are all urban. My childhood of catholic school and city parks and working downtown, getting off the T at government center, and then school at BU and living off Commonwaelth Ave. my beach memories are Ocean City when kids were small, and Puerto Rico, and now a little Florida.

    1. Hi Liz. Yes, I think about your perspective—I lot of Boston people seem to come here to the Cape. Had your parents or siblings ever gone? It could have been a long day trip? But big family to fit in car! I like your city life memories. But it’s like you writing about a beloved place on the Jersey Shore, in my home state. [And there are lovely beaches there.] I’ve never been to Puerto Rico. Xo