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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Girls on Beach

That’s Nik and Punch about 6:45 pm, after we spent many hours at and in Great Pond w Ryan, Anne, Michael and Dan. On the drive home, Anne stopped at this pretty bay beach so we could take a peek. She knows lots of lovely detours.

Other capers today:

  • Eggs and toast and coffee for 7 at home.
  • Nik did our nails and she and Punch gave me a refreshing facial.
  • Paperback reading by pond.
  • Nice little walk with Sug by pretty Cape houses.
  • Coast Guard Beach in the dark. Beautiful stars.
  • Night cap: Ice cream stop at Sparrow for some.

Good night to you.

Above, a bay beach in North Eastham--Anne’s detour.


  1. Love the terrain, so different from the usual short slope of sand to the water. Manicure and facial, wahoo!

  2. wow--Nik really grew up! I feel like I know her thru your blog!

  3. Hi friends. Thanks for checking in. Yes the terrains contrasts are lovely here—dune, kettle pond, wild rose bushes, marsh, canal, majestic ocean, gentler bay. And yes, Kim, Nik is now 16 and will be a sophomore. Stunning and smart young woman. Xo