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Friday, February 8, 2019

Big Spender

I overspent today on splurges. However, to my credit, I did make mashed potatoes and frozen breaded fish squares from Whole Foods for dinner, and Dan made a salad, so that was a savings vs. going out to dinner, which can be very expensive even when you think it won't be.

Also, I picked up Punch and friend after school at 3:35 and we walked to the pizza place, getting some exercise. I had a free parking spot on Orange Road.

We went into Blue Mercury, that beauty store I like, and Punch tried on a lipstick and filmed herself on her iPad. I spritzed on the Trish McEvoy Precious Pink Jasmine Eau de Parfum, which I love as much for its pink color and intoxicating scent as for the shape of the bottle. But I have never owned it: 1.7 fl. oz. for $210! plus tax. I loved testing the new fast-absorbing, golden, glitter-dusted 100 Luminous Hair and Body Oil [for arms, décolleté, legs etc.--and hair] on my hand--but alas, $85. Then into Lululemon, where Young Miss tried on a tiny pair of black pants made in a partnership with SoulCycle. So cute.

We bought nothing in either store. Just browsing.

After dinner, I made vegan pumpkin cookies from Vegetable Cakes, that book I was assigned to write about. Surprising ingredient for me: ground cardamom. Dan really likes the cookies. I like them ok. Kind of like a breakfast cookie. Can't get the two fifth graders to try them [yet]. Fig is out but I bet she will like them.

P.S. I just read that the golden Trish oil contains cardamom seed cardamom is the word of the day....featured in the cookies and the dream beauty potion.

It looks a million times prettier and sparkles a
thousand times more in person.
  1. Let me explain myself. There's a Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski event at my favorite beauty salon periodically. I get the emails, but I've always missed the events. Kim, who works at the salon, has the beautiful Tri-Wrap Bracelet in Blush. I swooped right in on that today, joking with Kim that I hope she didn't mind me copying her. It is so pretty and looks more "blush" colored/not tan, in person. Will go nicely with black especially. I can see myself wearing it year-round, since I prefer bracelet-length sleeves. Photo above, $69 + shipping + tax. $79.95.
  2. With girls, Villa Victoria Pizza. 3 special [not regular] slices, 6 garlic knots w red sauce, 1 drink, about $14.80. tip jar $2.20  $17.
  3. Montclair Farms, two day-old croissants for P plus 1 container [$6.50] of chocolate-covered protein balls for all of us, even dropped one off to Figgy at work, $8.80 plus tip jar. $9.
  4. Signed up for Punchy's Montclair Recreation spring soccer season online. It is such a bargain, thanks to volunteer coaches--$90 with early-bird discount, which includes player's shirt, shorts and socks. But at checkout, I made a $10 donation to help the league/fund scholarships? and ordered "fanwear" shirts for me [$17.99] and Punch [$14.99] and $5.99 for shipping. Geez, that climbed up fast from bargain to bust. $48.97.
  5. CVS, would you believe Punchy's monthly RX supply of 1 mg. melatonin tablets--she takes one before bed every night--was so inexpensive? 94 cents.
TOTAL: $155.86.


  1. Def would not count the fanwear for a volunteer sports league! Hope P’s emotional storms don’t come out as sportsmanship issues, soccer can be such a great outlet for a high energy kid. You are a good role model with your multiple efforts at self discipline with money, sugar, and exercise. My fingers will be crossed for both of you!
    Not very successful with food this week. Mum loves cake and so do I. Sigh.

  2. "Mum loves cake and so do I"--right. What kind does she like? Sounds like a sweet bond. Re soccer, Punch has played soccer in fall and spring for was a learning curve but it has been good for her to be part of a team of strong girls. The town league tries to mix up the rosters every year. She surely is high-energy but ever since she was a baby girl, I could take her in one day to the beach, the bay and the Audubon on the Cape and while that would have tired baby Figgy out, not Punch. She just goes and goes. So soccer is great, and so is gymnastics but the energy pond is deep. xo