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Monday, February 25, 2019

One-Stop Shopping

Looks like Dan got the cold/feverish version of the flu....I guess the bug hasn't left our area know you have it when you're knocked out and down for the count.

Meanwhile, I am trying to clean up my act and ate green vegs today--haricots verts, then skinny asparagus. Also made polenta and salmon and yesterday, baked two loaves of oatmeal bread but not what you [or I] might picture. They do contain oats but also molasses, and I used whole wheat flour in place of white.

Sleep well.

  • Starbucks, for Punch and her friend V. after I got them at 5:15 p.m. One of their favorite things to do is borrow my phone and request the "secret" recipe for a Mermaid Frappuccino. The counterperson often asks the girls to look up the recipe on the phone. It involves a green "seaweed" effect. $14.50.
  • Facebook birthday donation that went to mental health support, $20.
  • CVS, one-stop shopping again, since I went in for two RXs and got all the other things I needed while I waited 15 minutes for the meds, including Hallmark bday card, $50 Vanilla Visa gift card to mail to special young lady, $4.95 activation fee for that, diet ginger ale for Dan, Barilla pasta on sale--and supplies for the Black History Month poster Punch has to hand in Wednesday morning, including glittery stick-on letters, a chunky black Sharpie and a bottle of glue. $100.34 [and that doesn't count the $56.22 out-of-pocket RX payment, since I don't list medical expenses here].
DAILY TOTAL: $134.84.


  1. Those activation fees make me crazy. Good for you on green veg, snuggling to get back on food track.

    1. Exactly, those activation fees....the Vanilla Visa company ain't stupid, they know how much we want to give and get those cards....sigh....xo