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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Sunday Calm

Punchy's pal came over and they made oatmeal raisin cookies to sell door to door. I think they priced them pretty high--one dollar each?!!!--and took in $24 in profit.

I had them use the recipe from the Martha Stewart Baking Handbook. It calls for light brown sugar, pure maple syrup, pure vanilla--and a cup of shredded coconut, but the girls nixed that. I told them toasted coconut takes oatmeal cookies over the top; my friends love that trick I learned from a Good Housekeeping recipe. But today, no coconut.

Figgy was good enough to load the dishwasher when she got back from work; I keep telling the girls, who love to bake and sell, that cleaning up is a big part of being a baker. But once the cookies were ready, they were out on foot with their tray, ringing doorbells. And I was stretched out on the couch, reading "Modern Love" in the Times.

I want to get into bed and read some more now. Monday is coming soon!

Good night.

  1. Oatmeal w pure pumpkin and sliced almonds, a little cream.
  2. Hot bubble bath.
  3. Applied Naked & Thriving Detox Oil for face, Nars concealer sample [really like it], Trish McEvoy beauty oil, earrings, skirt, black V-neck, Nars lip balm [love it].
  4. Baked those healthy pumpkin cookies again.
  5. Turkey chili.
  6. Went to 6:30 p.m. Mass with girls. 
  7. Grateful to hear Figgy reading to Punch at bedtime, Good feeling.
  • Church donation, $20. 
  • By the time we left Mass and found the restrooms, it was after 7:30, the girls were hungry and I didn't want to return V. on a schoolnight without giving her dinner. That's the problem with a Sunday evening Mass. So we went to Villa Victoria, where I got a chicken parm hero for the girls to share and an eggplant one for Dan and me to have at home, plus one can seltzer + tip, $24.
  • CVS for jumbo bottle of Listerine Cool Mint Mouthwash, Dr. Teal's bath salts [Punch using now], Dentastix for Sugar [pricey, $12.99], milk, $1.00 American Heart Association donation at register, etc. $39.80.
TOTAL: $83.80.


  1. Once John wanted a lemonade stand and it cost me about $35 in lemons for him to make a half gallon that he sold for about $10 so I discouraged entrepreneurial cooking! I also said if he couldn’t clean up, he would have to hire Someone to do it. These business moguls forget the little people!

    Back to yesterday, I have never attended AlAnon regularly because with exercise and Mass and the monthly support meeting, I have enough self improvement scheduled. I also was in weekly therapy for ten years, and finally can recognize when pressure is building. My therapist retired, so I can imagine myself going to al anon if things went south. It is good for anyone wracked by forces beyond their control. That group knows how to focus on keeping chin above water. Anyway, did not mean to give you one more thing to schedule!
    Happy Monday.

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