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Friday, March 1, 2019

Doing My Best

I had an appointment with my new doctor [since the other retired after many years]. Actually, she is a nurse practitioner in Montclair, and I like her very much. This is my second experience with a skilled and compassionate nurse practitioner.

Punch had no school today--teacher training, I think--but did have stage crew rehearsal for "Newsies" from 9 to 12:30. Then we walked to Starbucks with her friends, then her friend's parents watched her while I went to my appointment.

I got to my writing deadline, and enjoyed the craft.

Good night.

  1. Healthy food at Joyist.
  2. That dr. appt.
  3. Refilled my RXs.
  4. Spoke up for myself and Punch in an uncomfortable/unfair situation.
  5. Writing.
  • Organic latte; breakfast bowl with roasted tomatoes and mashed root vegs; and Java Love Energy Bites at Joyist, $20. 
  • After school pickup, used Starbucks app, spent too much, did earn free future reward for whatever I want. Sandwich for Punch, quinoa salad with chicken for her friend, Frappuccino for each, small salami and cheese tray for me, $34.39.
  • CVS, got RXs and then spent money on large Horizon organic milk; large Fairlife chocolate milk; large almond milk; Late July tortilla chips; 2 cans pink shaving gel; and sugar-free PB cups, $31.
  • Kings for groceries including chicken, berries, bananas, vegan veg burgers, nonvegan veg burgers, frozen broccoli, ricotta, half & half, heavy cream, Irish butter and more, $63.80.
Expensive day. I was rushing between appointments and wanted to get the girls lunch; Starbucks was nearby. Maybe I should have picked up sandwiches or taken them to the deli. No time to go home in between. My family was on such a lean budget when I was a child that I think I go overboard the other way. Food for thought.

DAILY TOTAL: $149.19.

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