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Monday, April 22, 2019

Good Ship Lollipop--Easter Island Shipwreck?

My goal was to not eat the first jelly bean or nibble of a chocolate bunny's ears. I didn't have an Easter basket, only what I wanted--a clay pot of beautiful spring flowers.

I missed the goal.

Next year, I can plan better....maybe have a nice platter of lox, red onion, thinly sliced tomato, lemon wedges, whipped tofu or regular cream have on healthy Ezekiel bread, with some sliced hard-cooked eggs for good measure.

Not Easter bread from the bakery, with butter, and too much coffee. No sir.

I'd say I was able to steer clear until maybe 11:15, when I ate the small bag of Cadbury eggs I put in Dan's rather meagerly filled basket. That started the egg rolling. I thought I could stop, that the 1.5 oz. pouch would be the end.

But I later reached for jelly beans, then into Punchy's stash for some new Lindt Mini Hardshell Eggs, below--pretty pastels that crunched pleasantly, with a good chocolate center. P. had a 4.4 oz. bag. The night ended with me eating that last milk chocolate bunny ear Dan left unguarded on the table.

It was not pretty--the feeling of not taking care of myself in beauty ways and in unhealthful eating ways.

I had tried to get things that wouldn't tempt me. Not one Reese's Peanut Butter Cup in sight. The "bunny" [of course just a beloved myth in our house now, but a benevolent idea just the same] had put nonedibles in the girls' baskets, too--small Starbucks card, pretty jeweled bobby pins, ponytail holders, fluffy little wind-up chicks. Gummy Savers--Punchy's one request--jelly beans, a couple individual packs of Cadbury eggs, a single Kit Kat bar instead of a whole sack of mini Kit Kats.
These were hard to stop eating.
Lindt does make fine chocolate.
Here is the LINK.

The trigger was feeling exhausted, defeated--not pretty. Like a kitchen worker, rinsing Yukon Gold potatoes, loading dishes.... alone....Dan would have done it later but his lateness stresses me out and instead of saying that calmly, I did it then, while he was at Mass....
so, what the hell, maybe a little candy could help.....
I felt sloppy--no blowout, didn't put pretty dress on, got up at 5:10 a.m. and, bleary-eyed, didn't dot on concealer, comb on black mascara. I felt sloppy and I made sloppy choices. I want to remember that for next Easter [and Halloween, ChristmasValentine's Day, whenever].
I could have put on my apron over my Lilly Pulitzer dress. Even if my belly looked big. I distinctly remember an Easter a few years ago up in Maine. I took time to pull on pantyhose, wriggle into dress, slip on heels, jewelry, do makeup and my hair. But I was a house guest and though offered to help a lot, my help wasn't really I had time to pamper myself.

Lesson not lost.
I did get to the sunrise worship service in the garden at Union Congregational Church on Cooper Avenue.....I liked starting the day like that, and Dan was was 12 adults, counting me, and the minister, David, who led a lovely wasn't for children. Dan and P went to 10:30 Mass at our home parish...Sis and Buttercup came for dinner, she bearing a very good spiral-cut ham.....Fig made some tofu and we all had steamed asparagus and mashed potatoes [some regular, with sour cream, butter, milk and a small pour of cream] and some vegan [none of that].

Dan made a piece of salmon. I baked graham cracker tart crusts. Fig's was vegan, with margarine, and ours were made with melted butter. Hers was filled with raspberries and a drift of Almond Milk Reddi Wip, which caused quite a stir at the table. P and Dan loved it, too--This would be great in an ice cream sundae, he said. Can I have what Annie's having? Just raspberries and the cream? asked Punch. [Yes.] Ours had some lemon curd spooned on the crust, then vanilla whipped cream and the red jewel berries.

Anyway, I have work deadlines today and have to move on. But I wanted to get this off my chest so I can remember that I am weak in the face of sugar. If I start, it is very hard for me to stop. P's basket is out of my sight now. Fig's and Dan's are around, but I again say--do not take the first bite. It makes me cranky, tired, groggy. It is not good. So: shipwreck, island, rescue, heading home to safety.

Have a good day.

  1. Punch and I walked Sug and Buttercup around the block.
  2. Planted some nasturtium seeds.
  3. I walked Buttercup again.
  4. Had some vegs, and more ice water.
  • Kings, for lox, whole-wheat English muffins, half-gallon milk, sliced baby Swiss cheese, small pack Lindt Easter chocolate marked down 75 percent [not for me], $27.77.

Big-ticket April spends so far, 22 days into the month:

Lamp, $79; luxe hand cream, $55; Giotto dinner to go + jar of imported Italian artichokes, $46; dog groomer/beauty salon, $75; vet for hamster, $157; necklace extension/repair/new clasp, $128; blowout, $55; Over the Moon, bday gifts for Punch friend + book for me, $60; Kings groceries, $132; liquor store, $32; bra/underwear/tights, $126; Joyist, $39 one day while working on assignments there; second blowout w service tips, $52; Punchy, Lululemon, $28; Justice, bday gifts and gift bag/pink tissue for Punch friend + shorts for Punch + $2 donation at register, $58; Kings groceries, $63; Joyist, $25 one day while working on deadlines; bike delivery, $35; Whole Foods, $69; CVS & Kings, Easter gifts/basket treats [counting lemon curd for tarts], $97. Steep subtotal of $1,411.

MONEY THOUGHTS: We received a big paycheck in the mail. Now, to pace ourselves and pay our bills, some of which are staggering [rebuilding the garage after windstorm].

keeping my eye on


  1. Sugar crack fairy here as’s a struggle!

    1. LOL, sugar crack fairy, like that name! Yes, nearly universal, I guess....