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Friday, April 12, 2019

Second Friday Post, Money Talk

  1. Short walk with sweet Sug.
  2. Leftover turkey Bolognese [thanks to my friend Rach for recipe], delicious, plus artichokes and green beans on the side.
  3. Fell off the wagon with a sweet treat. Climbed back on.
  4. Two nights ago, Dan surprised me by starting the first "Murder, She Wrote" episode on Amazon Prime in the living room. We enjoyed watching the show when we fell in love. We would make Sunday dinner in my small apt by the sea in Ocean Grove, New Jersey and then watch on the little color TV. [Dan lived in Park Slope, Brooklyn and did not own a TV set.] Main character Jessica Fletcher lives in fictional Cabot Cove, Maine [Dan's family is from the coast of Maine], plus we love the opening when Jess is riding a bike and in a separate scene, typing on a typewriter. The series ran from 1984 to 1996 and we didn't start dating until fall 1986, so I don't think we ever saw these early episodes, unless in reruns.
  • Whole Foods, it's right near Punchy's school, and I drove her today so we could sleep later. Half-gallon milk [not organic], strawberry plant [yay, can't wait to plant in wide pot outside] and 3 bananas, $6.11. [Eileen, how do you like them apples? That's because I only had $6.50 with me, and no money on my debit card.]
  • Parking meter, 60 cents.
  • Clores, walked by and saw 3 gorgeous purple hyacinths in terra-cotta pot with little fuzzy yellow Easter chick standing in the soil, with tax, $21.40. And this is a gift that keeps on giving. We plant bulbs in garden before first frost and they come back and back every year. So beautiful. I have to revisit my Bartlett's florist in Clifton. It's been months and I miss it.
  • Tolls to drive on Garden State Parkway to Garden State Plaza mall, maybe $1.50? [I don't always track highway tolls here.]
  • Went to mall to go to Justice, the girls' clothing store. Punchy is at her friend's 11th birthday weekend, so generous, truly. Dropoff at house was 5:30. Dinner, movie, etc. Tomorrow, we have to extract Punch for double header soccer games from 10 to 12 and then return around 2 p.m., the birthday girl's parents are taking everyone [maybe 4 total, not sure] on the train from Montclair to New York City for a birthday dinner party at Dylan's Candy Bar! I didn't even know they had dinners, parties etc. It sounds so cute and exciting. [When Figgy turned 16, we pulled out all the stops and hired a pink limo and driver to take her and several close friends into NYC. He made stops at Dylan's Candy Bar across from Bloomingdale's and at Sephora in Times Square. But back then, Dylan's was for buying special candy or maybe cupcakes....not a party?] So, gift, supercute sequin mermaid shirt and matching lacy tiered shorts, plus bday gift bag with pink tissue, $42.46. I feel like I should pay those parents a million dollars for such a luxe treat and long break for us. ;) Here is the link and I got the set in pink, not blue. It's very pretty in person, but the photo on the website skews to older girls and the pink looks so washed out.
  • At Justice, the shorts were buy one/get one free, so I got a pair for Punchy, came out to $13.50 and I donated $2 to Girls on the Run [I've wanted for years to get Punch involved in that]. $15.50.

Big April spends so far, 12 days into the month:

Lamp, $79; luxe hand cream, $55; Giotto dinner to go + jar of imported Italian artichokes, $46; dog groomer/beauty salon, $75; vet for hamster, $157; necklace repair, $128; blowout, $55; Over the Moon, bday gifts for Punch friend + book for me, $60; Kings groceries, $132; liquor store, $32; bra/underwear/tights, $126; second blowout w service tips, $52; Punchy, Lululemon, $28; Justice, bday gifts and gift bag/pink tissue for Punch friend + shorts for Punch + $2 donation at register, $58. Steep subtotal of $1,083.

MONEY THOUGHTS: I like buying gifts for people. I really do. And if they are wrapped in pretty paper and satin bows, all the better. I love Tiffany & Co. signature blue boxes. I still have the ring-sized box Dan gave me with my engagement ring inside before Christmas 1989. The green satin ribbon, now worn and less satiny, is still tied around it. My mother enjoyed nice Christmas wrap and saved pretty shopping bags from B. Altman, Lord & Taylor and Bonwit Teller....they were art, beauty, style, stunning. When she died, they were still on the top shelf of her bedroom closet. Wish I had them.


  1. It is rare and fun seeing people dressed up. I would like seeing the outfits too. I have a wedding in Chicago this summer, and am looking forward to it. I too have two potential outfits, depending on my weight!

    1. Oh, a wedding in Chicago in the summer sounds nice!!!!

  2. Ha ha, very good!