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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Busy Sunday

Slept later than planned, caught end of Mass with Punch, who was really pushing the envelope behaviorwise [not the collection envelope].

Book group [I'm in two] was at my house and it was fun. Didn't get to make the Yolos because I was still in the store paying for the dinner ingredients one hour before my friends arrived. Our gluten-free member had to cancel, and I was mainly making the GF Yolos so she could enjoy dessert, too.

But since I was on checkout line at 4:15 and friends were arriving 5:30, I bought a nice brand of gluten-filled biscotti instead to put on a pretty cake pedestal.

Good night. I have a big writing deadline tomorrow, want to rise early.

  • My free unlimited coffee card at Joyist ends tomorrow! I have one more day; I've loved it. Organic cold brew with coconut milk, free, avocado toast for me and Punch, half-size Luke blend for me, full-size Luke for Punch, 10th punch on card, free. Total, $16.
  • Liquor store, 3 pack of cute dry Prosecco bottles and one large bottle sweet Prosecco for book group, $31.97.
  • Starbucks, took Punch and friend who came to play. Ham + cheese croissant for Punch, grande vanilla Frappuccino for friend, $8.74.
  • Joyist, organic latte made with whole milk, shared w Dan, free.
  • Kings, book club dinner* groceries [Bell & Evans air-chilled chicken w garlic, thyme, lemon, made according to Melissa Clark recipe, roasted on top of 1/2-inch thick sourdough slices that absorb juice, taste good, plus petite green beans on the side], extra chicken to make same way Wednesday; 2 oat milks [sale]; peas, leeks and fresh mint to make soup Tuesday; bread, rolls, 4 dog food, sliced cheese, butter [sale], shredded cheese, milk, Stonewall Kitchen black raspberry jam, Friendship Farmer Cheese, half and half, etc. Saved money, at least $10, by not buying flowers for table. Cut some hyacinths and forsythia from garden instead and put in my mother's lovely crystal bowl vase. Looks pretty. $131.83.
*We all bring part of the meal but the hostess makes the main dish, etc. Julie brought baby potatoes; Karen, an ample cheese platter [4 kinds] w crackers; Jeanne, salad and wine.

DAILY SPEND: $188.54.
Big April spends so far, 7 days into the month:
Lamp, $79; luxe hand cream, $55; Giotto dinner to go + arthichokes, $46; groomer, $75; vet for hamster, $157; necklace repair, $128;, blowout, $55; Over the Moon, bday gifts for friend + book for me, $60; Kings groceries, $132; liquor store, $32. Steep subtotal of $764.
MONEY THOUGHT: Even though I spent $132 at the grocery store, I like that I thought ahead and bought dinner makings for two nights this week [spring pea soup w mint and Melissa Clark chicken again]. I wasted money on the Prosecco, though; my friends like it, but I guess the red wine Jeanne brought went better with the chicken and potatoes dinner this evening. Will put large, unopened bottle away to save for Easter.

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  1. Ugh, taxes were awful, must move money bc we owe... but it is done and supposed to be nice week, so yay. Tip my hat to two book groups!