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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Signing off from the Toast to the Dance Teachers 

Can’t extract Punch, though it’s 9:13 pm and the toast officially ended at 9. The DJ is just too good! But P has to shampoo and shower when we get home and bedtime looms. I’m going to 7 am support group.
Good night to you. Punch still dancing with girlfriends, which is all good.

  1. Walked Sug around block.
  2. Biked to town for CVS and work. Biked back to meet P schoolbus and then biked in and back with her again for therapy appt.
  3. Bath.
  4. Got some pale yellow petunias and planted them.
  5. Ate turkey on whole-wheat English muffin.
  • Clores Florist, petunias for me and Sis, $3.21.
  • CVS, dark Kit Kit bar, about $1.35.
  • CVS, combination lock and dish soap, $11.
  • Joyist, Natalie blend and energy bites, $13.
  • Kings, fruit for Punch, $4.
  • Java Love, drink for P [used my reward] and cookie for her, plus jar tip, $3.50.
TOTAL: $36.06.