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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake, Cream on Top

This secret-recipe flour makes lighter, fluffier biscuits.
Tried a recipe just now for Proper Southern Biscuits, with buttermilk in the dough. Needed to use up strawberries before whole batch went moldy, so wanted biscuits for shortcake base.

Didn't have White Lily Flour--had some in the past, maybe from Williams-Sonoma?--so used what I had. The disks would have been lighter with White Lily. And mine are kind of raggedy, because I skipped the part about mixing in the butter until pieces were no bigger than pea-sized. But still, making biscuits by hand is quick and comforting and old-fashioned. It connects us all to the generations of women before us who whipped up panful after panful for breakfast or supper.

Served with fresh strawberries and organic cream.

What's in those? H. just asked. Can I live on those biscuits for the rest of my life?

So happy am catching up with my work, too. When I work by day, I can sleep by night.

Want to write more here, soon--some serious stuff, like about the meaning of life and death. Will do that.

Until then, signing off on another fluffy note.

Good night.

  1. Shampooed and accessorized to work at home--made a difference.
  2. Tall iced mocha, no whip.
  3. Nap.
  4. Split Chinese chicken with broccoli and brown rice for dinner with Figgy, while H. was in NYC. One good way to get my vegetables. Have been having a hard time eating them lately.
  5. Walked Sug around block once, and up the big hill behind Iris Gardens with H. as night fell.
  6. Um, used those fresh strawberries--does it count as TCOY if I added a buttery biscuit and cream?

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