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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Strolling Soho on a Sunny Summer Day

One perfect truffle from Kee's Chocolates in Soho.
Photo by Kathy YL Chan,
Went to 250 Hudson Street, to the chic penthouse floor of Edelman PR firm, for a Starbucks press event---to taste and sip some new products that will be in stores by mid-July [the press releases say in red: Under Embargo until July 12, 2011].

I love for subway directions, but this must be my week to get lost. I wandered up and down Canal Street for about 20 minutes trying to find Hudson Street. Turned out I had gone the wrong way when I came out of the subway. I asked a chicken delivery guy; a gyro pushcart vendor; a female police officer in a squad car; two hip men talking; and one stylish guy in a navy and white striped sailor shirt, who finally got me there. I love New York.

The event was from 2 to 3, and I didn't arrive til 2:55. But luckily, it worked out fine.

Then I roamed Soho and walked all the way back to the Port Authority for my bus. I left the penthouse at about 3:15 and didn't get my bus till about 5:50, walking and browsing the whole way. Long trek!

Favorite sightings on this blue-sky stroll:
  1. Kee's Chocolates. Jenifer, wife of my Rutgers Daily Targum friend Bill Strugger, has said great things about this place via Bill. When I saw the awning @ 80 Thompson Street, I had to pop in. I got one dark chocolate bonbon with crème brûlée filling for $2.45. You have to put the whole thing in your mouth and eat it, the young saleswoman said. Otherwise the filling will run out. It was delicious, and made me think of Sis, who loves crème brûlée. The dark chocolate with key lime filling looked awesome, too.
  2. Vosges Chocolate @ 132 Spring St. Wanted to buy a box of the amazing Caramel Marshmallows [nine pieces, $27] or the Caramel Toffee Chocolate Chunk Brownie Mix [a big hefty box, 28.8 oz. per the website, $18], but resisted all. Also wanted to sip the White Hot Chocolate, which I saw a couple sharing. This is a really cool and spacious boutique.
  3. Aroma Espresso Bar at 145 Greene Street. I saw young women on the street holding big icy cups of the mint lemonade. Made me think of my pretty niece, Leah, and her friends, who are tuned into all the best and the edgiest in NYC. I got an iced decaf latte. Nice, rich coffee notes. 
  4. Murray's Bagels in the Village, on Sixth Avenue between 12th and 13th Streets. Looking good, for future reference. Marble cake, tempting bagels, many spreads.
  5. Chelsea Hotel. Where famous writers lived. I love the way it looks, but didn't go inside.
  6. Doughnut Plant. I've seen these giant donuts in flavors like lavender flower and coconut cream at Dean & DeLuca. They look awesome. Today: Trays of peanut butter donuts and oatmeal donuts, among others, on 23rd Street. I wanted one. It helped that a.] there was a longish line and b.] I didn't have cash. I would have felt funny using my debit card for such a small purchase.
  7. La Maison du Macaron. Also on 23rd Street. I got two Nutella macarons because I know Fig likes Nutella. She hasn't eaten them yet.
  8. D'aiuto's Bakery. On Eighth Avenue not far from Penn Station--famous for Baby Watson and other cheesecakes. It all looked good, even the cupcakes, but I was just browsing.
Forgive me for such a treat-based list! Next time I promise more organic greens and farm-fresh milk ;) Yeah, right. Good night.

  1. Boot camp in the park--weights, jumping, running up the stadium steps. 
  2. Walked an hour-plus in NYC.
  3. Walked Sug around block once.
  4. Had H.'s grilled salmon and corn and spinach salad for supper.


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  3. I really did like your coffee! And i saw someone getting a hot mocha in a big mug, i think, and that looked good, too! alice