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Friday, July 29, 2011

Article Archive: H.'s NY Times Dream Come True

I love this photo of Alberto Costa and his daughter,
Tyche [pronounced Tishy], who is 16.
Photo by Lydia Panas for The New York Times.

Well, it's the dream of many writers, really. H.'s article is in this Sunday's New York Times Magazine [July 31]!

Check this article link. It's about a Dad and a daughter, and research into Down syndrome. It is really inspiring--the subject and the reporting. I think most of all, I like the relationship between father and child.

I am so proud of H. He worked long and hard on this. He has come so far since I first toasted him with champagne at the Algonquin years ago, when he published an article in the NY Times newspaper.

I have to admit that I hope some of his determination and single focus and tunnel vision rubs off on me. I could use some of that, I thought as I motored through the mountains on 87 North and 17 West to pick Figgy up today. I really have to get off my derriere and write a book. Otherwise, I will be 60 and still saying the same thing.

Good night.

  1. Kept just one perfect, candylike, walnut-topped, chilled fudge brownie--cut the rest into squares and packed them up as a thank-you gift for some special people.
  2. Walked Sug around block once in steamy heat.
  3. Only ate about half of fries and half of roll at lunch.
  4. Tall, refreshing seltzer with lime. 
  5. Too hot to cook--got two veggie pizza slices for H.'s and my dinner. Figgy made a PB&J. I did, however, round out my meal with a frozen margarita H. whirred in the blender.


  1. Alice, thanks so much for posting the link to H.’s piece. It is excellent. I am going to send the article link to a couple of friends, too. One friend has a Down Syndrome daughter in her mid-thirties. And I especially relate to the part regarding how some parents feel that medication would alter the personalities of their children. In our ongoing quest to help Joey, and whenever we dared to dream that we may stumble upon the “answer” we have often wondered about the same unknown… not that it didn’t always seem worth the risk! Also, he included the very difficult question that parents of handicapped children are sometimes posed: if you knew that your child would be born with a disability, what would you do? Personally, I could never have chosen anything other than having Joey. Period. Guess I’m big on God’s will and all. But, I really didn’t mean to make any philosophical digressions here... sorry.

    Hope all is well with you. Before you know it, summer will be gone and so will this oppressive heat. Love, Lin

  2. The comments on his article so far are all very positive - this is so exciting!

  3. Hi Lin! I know, you would choose Joey because of all he is, not NOT choose him because of anything he isn't, right? I think that the thing about autism and Down syndrome and other similar disabilities [is disabilities the right word?] is that they are what our children live with and how we get to know them, right? It's not a disease that comes along and could kill them, like cancer or anything, or even some of the things I have discussed with you, which seem to swoop down suddenly, bringing threats and fear. What do you think? love, al

  4. Celia, thank you. And thank you for being H.'s brilliant editor--always and forever. love alice

  5. Congratulations, H.! I will make sure to read this soon -- might even buy us the print edition tomorrow!

    Alice, you're no slouch yourself. You are a busy, working freelancer, and I take my hat off to both of you.

  6. Yes, “disabilitiy” is okay with me, or, developmental disability. A while back the politically correct people wanted to change it to “differently-abled” but I think that just confuses things. The current definition used here in the US is: developmental disability is used to describe life-long disabilities attributable to mental and/or physical impairments, manifested prior to age 18.

    “They are what our children live with and how we get to know them.” This is so true. You are right, not like a life-thretening, sudden illness, or condition.

    Are you reading some of the comments on the article? Several well thought out comments, but number 12 really ranckled me. Looks like many others stepped up on the opionion of the other side, though. I am thrilled, for H., that it is generating such feedback! Love, Lin

  7. Hi Lin....yes, i like reading the comments under the article, too...yes, i agree with you re. that particular is fun to follow the comment al

  8. Hi Alice,haven't read the above mentioned article yet a friend is saving her magazine for me.After reading all the comments I can't wait.
    My congratulations to your H,well done.
    Love Ann P