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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dream Roll: Training for the NYPD

What now--NYC cop? And I am catching the 9:59 DeCamp bus in this morning.
I was on the back of a bike with a policewoman at the helm--I was a rookie in the New York City Police Department. It was scary. We were zipping down Eighth Ave and all over the city. She knew how to weave and stay safely on the side. I think it was a bicycle, not a motorcycle. She was nice. Street-smart and intelligent--still nice.

When I discovered a cylindrical metal rest for my feet [not only hers], I felt a little safer.

We also went to somebody's grandmother's tiny old apartment, abandoned for years. When the policewoman opened the door, I cringed, expecting a ton of roaches to spring from the floor.  The grandma's boxes of crackers and everything else had not been removed; the family hoped she'd be going back. No roaches--a miracle.

Yikes. Hold on NYC, here I come.

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