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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Letter from the Trenches

My mother had a Jack LaLanne exercise album. I go to boot camp.

Have I told you lately how hard it is sometimes to get up and go to boot camp, to make my way through the hour of exercise in the park three mornings a week? I'm starting to feel my age a little, at 50. Sometimes I want to just crawl back into bed rather than do all that demanding work. All that sweating.

But one amazing woman who does boot camp with us will be 60 soon! Cathy has two college-age kids and a career but she looks so young. You should see her race up the stadium steps and whip around that track! She has won marathons and everything.

Still, when Patsy had us do the bear crawl [or was it the crab walk?] today, and high shuffles, and jog and sprint in Brookdale Park, I really felt it. It was hot and humid. I jog like I'm 100 sometimes, and sweat was dripping into my eyes. We also did what our fearless leader calls the globetrotter, lunging with one knee back and passing the ball under and over the other knee. 

Yet through it all, I am grateful Patsy is in our midst. And really proud and pleased to be making my way on life's journey with these strong, funny, positive women and men. It always feels really good to take a shower and put a belted skirt on after boot camp.

Good night.

  1. Boot camp in the park.
  2. Walked Sug around block twice.
  3. Had a yummy PB vanilla shake made with Myoplex Lite packet. Awesome!
  4. Planted some flowers.
  5. Went by myself to see the movie Midnight in Paris. Loved it! H. and Fig had vetoed it [and they both would have loved it], Anne was busy, Sis and Moey had already seen it with their husbands. I LOVED it. And because the A.C. wasn't working, tickets were discounted from $11 down to $8.25.
  6. Stared down Oreo family packs at ShopRite--greeting me at the entrance, all stacked up and on sale. Also resisted potato chips.


  1. That's awesome, Alice. I think our fitness goals definitely have to change as we get older. I'm in awe of women like Cathy. There's a woman at my gym who I've heard is 85 and she looks like a little model -- petite, muscular, and always dressed to the nines in cute workout outfits. I find that 40 is this weird juncture where, sure, I'd LOVE to look 25, but I never will again, so I might as well learn to admire the 85-year-old! Anyway, I love that you do boot camp, and it is making you healthier every single day.

  2. Alice - Cathy is definitely an inspiration but so is everyone in Patsy's Bootcamp. I have been missing you all this week! Keep sweating for me.

  3. Hi are so fit, doing those marathons! You are awesome! You are my role model! And Lisa, we are missing you at BC! Please come back soon. love alice