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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Figgy Come Home

Tomorrow, Fig comes home. It will be good to see her, have her back under our roof.

H. has been doing a good job unpacking our lingering boxes from the move back in November--he did a lot while I was at the Cape. He plans to do more tomorrow, to get things even more in order before I get Figgy home in the afternoon, driving about five hours round trip.

Good night. Fingers crossed, prayers said.

  1. Walked Sug twice, once with Barbara and her pup.
  2. Tended to my flowers.
  3. Ordered Asian Chicken Salad for lunch @ Raymond's.
  4. Vegs @ dinner.


  1. Hi, Al. Joey will be home tomorrow, too. Back to normal for us as well. Hope Figgy had a great time, stayed safe and healthy. I loved your article (noted in post above). What a house. Good night, or good morning. Love, Lin

  2. Hurrah for her homecoming! Hope she a had a wonderful time in the Catskills