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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Over the Highways and through 5 States

Bridge over Cape Cod Canal.
Back home from my beloved Cape, feeling renewed and refreshed. So much fun! Everything is better there--reading, shopping, walking, biking, napping, star-gazing. Standing in the backyard, feeling the clean breeze and listening to the morning birds. Donuts. Ice cream. Oysters. T-shirts. Grocery shopping. Even cleaning the house, as we do every departure day. We had such a nice time, though Anne's tooth was killing her today and we hunted down a dentist right in Eastham.

We stopped at the Hot Chocolate Sparrow in Orleans for mochas before we left, and maybe a turtle or two. Then we drove 300 miles [5.5 hours, counting a short rest stop] through five states--Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey. Lots of pretty water views, and a couple of lighthouse sightings on our way.

As always, near the end of our journey, we cross the Tappan Zee Bridge [today many sailboats were bobbing in the water] and coast along the Garden State Parkway, then turn off at our home exit--154. The New York skyline rises proudly to the left. Gems everywhere we go--rugged natural ones on the Cape, polished ones in our glittering city. 

Sug and I are exhausted now, ready for a good night's sleep. H. just got back from working and ran out to get me a slice of pizza, since the cupboard is bare.

We got a nice letter from Figgy today! That lifts my spirits immensely. Good night.

  1. Resisted fries at McDonald's rest stop.
  2. Drank lots of water on ride home [and bought big cold bottle @ CVS, where it's much cheaper than at rest stop].
  3. Walked Sug up on Cape and around the block tonight.

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