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Friday, July 22, 2011

Midday Bulletin: Tripped over Amazing Lilly Sale!

Lilly Pulitzer Lara Dress--originally $248. Marked down to $75 + addl 40% off.

Leaving this weekend for a few days on the Cape with my friend Anne and her daughter. Wanted to check out Lilly Pulitzer swimsuits. Haven't bought a swimsuit in years. Called the nearest Lilly store, Leapin' Lizards in Ridgewood, NJ and asked the nice young woman to put aside a few XLs for me. It's a half-hour drive up the Parkway.

Could not believe my luck. Everything in the store is 40% off, I think until the end of July! Everything! The file folders I use for work. The yearly planner [which goes 17 months, from August 2011 through December 2012]. Clearance items, like the Lara dress with golden chain neckline, which are already marked down in red ink. Market Bags, which are usually $9.95. [I love using mine at the grocery store.] Everything!

So I'm telling you--go! And I am so going back there for my folders and pads, the future--the young woman told me that every time you bring the bag you bought there back, you get 10% off.

P.S. The dress looks shorter on the model than it does on me. There was one left, and it fit me. As for the swimsuit, I didn't love the way the one-pieces looked on me. So I got a cute swim halter top in pattern Green Bean Daisy Darling that I hope to wear with a skirted bottom I already have.


  1. "So I'm telling you--go!"

    Wish I lived near a Lilly Store. The dress is really cute. What a great price for it. Enjoy your time in Cape Cod...I sure hope it's cooler than here. Love, Linny

  2. Hi Lin. You know, I bet you could call the store [i put the link in my post] and they would ship to you. Look online at for all the Lilly stuff first. If you want you. hope Judi and Joey are to camp? love alice

  3. Alice how exciting to find all those bargains.Think I'll go on line and see what's there.Have a wonderful time on the Cape,always a great spot to relax.Maybe you will find some other sale items there.Safe journey.
    Love Aunt Ann

  4. Hi Aunt Ann. thank you for the note. I hear such good things about you from Judi and Linda. Judi waxed poetic about the shrimp and orzo salad :)Let me know if you find anything Lilly! I send all the best to you and Harry. love, alice xo

  5. Hi Alice, I really like a pair of Lilly sandals (MCKIM SANDAL BRAIDED LEATHER in black). But $148 plus shipping is a little steep for me to justify right now, especially after my recent Coach handbag transgression. Will have to wait until we meet for lunch in Princeton again and see if the Lilly Store has anything on sale. Love, Lin

  6. Hi Lin...hmmmmm...I know just what you mean...delayed gratification...let's go to Princeton soon. love, al