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Saturday, July 9, 2011

No Time to Die

Liz Tilberis had a fresh view of fashion--here, her first cover.
Reading No Time to Die by Liz Tilberis, the celebrated editor of Harper's Bazaar in the 1990s. She took the magazine to a new level of style. It walked prettily and boldly on very high heels, rocking the fashion magazine world. The legendary Liz, friend to Princess Diana, also died of ovarian cancer, leaving her family and alerting the world to the possibility that the fertility medicine she took for a while may have led to the disease. Very sad.

I really like Ms. Tilberis's writing style. It's a gripping read. And I keep remembering that when I was a writer at Good H., Ms. Tilberis moved from England to the States to take the satin [or leather?] reins of her magazine. Since both are Hearst magazines, her temporary office was right down the hall from mine. We talked in the women's room a few times. She was very nice, and told me how concerned she was re. getting her two boys settled into new schools.

I had no idea I was speaking to a woman who was destined to change the fashion world. That realization came later. Ms. Tilberis, may there be nice frocks in the heavens.

Another thing I realize is that I better make appts. for pap smear and mammogram.

Good night.

  1. Boot camp in the park.
  2. Lots of ice water.
  3. Made tilapia and wilted spinach for midday meal.
  4. Read, took a nap.
  5. Saw my friend Moey! We went to dinner with H. and Ted.

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