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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Music Under the Moon

These spongy white fluff puffs might be the death of me.
H. and I drove to Maplewood for an outdoor music festival.....with Fay and Howard, who live there. It was really fun. People swaying under the moonlight, little kids running around with glow-in-the-dark necklaces. Good music.

I don't think I have a single TCOY item to list today. Until 6:30 P.M., it was a lost day. We got another nice note from Figgy @ camp, and I did call the camp store to be sure she had a little money in her account to buy a Frost Valley sweatshirt or sweatpants, an annual tradition.

But otherwise, I slept and read and eyed a corner of the blue sky out the window and listened to the laughter of the kids outside and ate way too many soft Jet-Puffed Marshmallows, graham crackers and Ghiradelli chocolate squares. I even plunged a fork into the mallows, two at a time, and toasted them over the gas stove, making s'more after s'more, which I ate alone in the breakfast nook while H. reseeded the lawn and put thatch on top. But no matter how many more I had, could not recapture girlhood and Girl Scout days.

While overeating, I thought of:
  1. How I liked making s'mores in the toaster oven when pregnant with Figgy.
  2. How Figgy worries about my health and since she is away, she wouldn't catch me/see me.
  3. What my doctor would say [not good].
  4. What H. would say.
  5. How unhealthy this was.
At 4:54 P.M., I texted five words to Sis: I feel like a bum. By that I meant a derelict on the streets, a person out of control, someone with no boundaries, no home. My heart was racing after all that sugar, and I was still anxious about all I had not done. Our health insurance is up for review and renewal by Friday; we have a lot of paperwork and receipt tracking for our accountant, due early Thursday; and the house is a mess. And, I have neglected my health. Still reading the book by Liz Tilberis, and I know I have to shape up to live long, prevent cancer. The book makes me think of my Mom dying.

I didn't even take poor Sug for a single walk. Back to square one. Tomorrow=new day.

Good night.


  1. Not that you should run out and buy these – please don't – but they now make marshmallows in squares that sit perfectly on a graham cracker. And they puff up in the microwave. Darn Joey put them in the supermarket cart a couple of weeks ago, along with grahams and chocolate bars. I had a bit of a guilt experience after eating a couple, too. But you're right... tomorrow=new day! Love, Linda

  2. Hi,yes, i DO want to buy those mallow squares! Never saw can i be so far behind the marshmallow curve? missed you. love alice

  3. Ha! The marshmallow curve... sounds like a soft and comfy place to be, but we know that it's really evil and fattening, and very bad for us.