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Sunday, July 31, 2011


My friend Barbara bought this Lilly Pulitzer maxi dress
and Fig and I helped her accessorize today.

Definition of a slug:

Someone who sleeps a lot of Sunday by the A.C., reads, drinks cold drinks, sets alarm for church but doesn't get there, then plans to go in afternoon and skips that, too. Husband out working, daughter at movies, so Slug moves only for a few hours to:
  • Call her sister.
  • Do the dishes, three loads of laundry, hunt down and wash the ice cream maker, scrub the tub, then finally shower and get dressed at 7:15 P.M. so she can shop for and make a healthy dinner [spinach salad].
  • Consult with daughter to find the perfect necklace and bracelet for Barbara to wear with the new Lilly Pulitzer maxi dress she just bought on sale for a family wedding. If Slug hadn't made this plan with Barbara yesterday, may never have roused herself. [But now that she sees the Lilly photo above, she's thinking Barbara and Figgy were right, maybe the dress should stand alone without a necklace.]
  • Halfheartedly walk dog.
  • Water petunias.
  • Take garbage out.
Good night. Slug can only be up so long; back to bed by the nice A.C.

  1. Spinach salad for dinner, with crispy bacon, fresh hard-boiled eggs, red onion and nice slice of rye on the side.
  2. I think scrubbing tub was good for my heart. A lot of work to get it clean!

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