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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Star Light, Star Bright

The stars up here are beautiful. Last night, since our water pump wasn't working, I drove to the beach @ 11:20 to use the bathroom. I looked up on the short walk from the pitch-dark parking lot...heaven above. Just had to crane my neck and stare. Shooting stars, amazing stars, beautiful stars. I missed my H. He always likes to pull me and Figgy into the front yard to look up at night, but sometimes Fig is afraid to, because of possible coyotes.

We had a great day today. Bill from Lower Cape Electric came @ 8 A.M. and got the water flowing [needed new circuit breaker for pump]. Nikki and I took Sug for the first of a few long walks today. We three went to breakfast at the Wicked Oyster in Wellfleet, read and napped, and then hit the bike path this evening for a beautiful ride. We love the Cape Cod Rail Trail. This evening we saw:
  1. A baby fox, orange and cute
  2. A cottontail bunny scampering across our path
  3. Young men fishing in the pond
  4. Gorgeous Queen Anne's Lace and butterfly bushes
Anyway, star light, star bright...I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight. It's one big bundled wish, involving H. and Figgy and Dad and Sis and family and friends....

Good night. 

P.S. I am blogging from my favorite spot--the Hot Chocolate Sparrow in Orleans! Free WiFi! Nice iced mocha sparrow. New T-shirts, this time in mocha with flattering V-neck for women. Anne and I love checking these out, and adding to our collection. The nice woman here just told me the door is locked from the inside. I'll get right out, I said. No, that's okay, but at 11:15, we'll ask you to leave, she said kindly.

It is 11:10. About to turn into chocolate pumpkin. Must go.

  1. Walked over Uncle Tim's Bridge in Wellfleet with Nikki.
  2. Walked Sug like three times with Nik!
  3. Bike ride on my favorite path ever.
  4. Avoided French fries.


  1. A baby fox? Breakfast at Wicked Oyster? It ain't fair!!! But it's great to have your wonderful blog to read while you're away. And it was hilarious to see you, Nikki, Anne and Sugar on the Sparrow's webcam this morning. Enjoy and soak it in!!!

  2. Yep, a baby fox! You and our Figgy would have loved it! So adorable, tiny little cub. Yes, that webcam was so fun! glad you liked it. love, ali xoxoxooxo