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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hi from Scoop Shop on Cape

Well, we arrived at the house as darkness fell and the water pump wouldn't switch I called Steve at Atlantic Plumbing but he said it's an electrical problem and to call Bill at Lower Cape Electric. So Bill is coming 8 A.M.

Peg and John, the nice neighbors across Wonderstrand Way, gave us a big jug of water and were very kind. John came over to help but the switch keeps tripping. Will coached me on the phone.

So I headed out to blog for a minute and use a bathroom before bed. I bought a Ben & Jerry's disposable camera, decorated with cows, b/c the bathroom is for customers only.  I never realized how many times I like to wash my hands and go to the bathroom. And our faucets at the house are dry, not a drop.

Ben & Jerry's has free WiFi, so that's great, but they're closing at 11, so I have to be quick. While here, one of the scoopers came over waving a cone in a cup--a mistake no one wanted. Guess who raised her hand to take it? Me. But am saving for tomorrow.

Best Cape sighting: the coyote Nikki spotted near twilight in some woods nearby. So cool! Good night.

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