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Monday, August 22, 2011

Angel Food on Fire

Toasty and sweet.
Today @ Anthropologie on Church Street in Montclair, I bought an Illume Boulangerie Jar candle in Angel Food. I picked it up and put it down, but then I went back for it. It was pricey--$16. [It would also be nice to take on a trip, because it has a snugly fitting lid.]

It says, gently, Parisian and pretty, and I love the idea of angel food cake, all light and pure, airy and spongy, innocent and heavenly, fragrant with vanilla. Figgy's friend Emmy once said when I made a tall, billowy one that she wished she could sleep on a pillow made of it. :)

H. and I drove Fig to Connecticut this evening to see her off to Greece with Sis and Don. The car service picked them up at 8 P.M. for the drive to JFK Airport. The flight to Athens is a direct 10 hours.

I hope they travel safe and have so much fun. Don didn't feel so great today so I hope everything will be OK. Figgy was really excited.

Good night.

  1. Back to boot camp in the park! I missed my friends and getting fit with them under Patsy's coaching.
  2. Chose whole-wheat roll at sandwich place. Little steps help, right?
  3. Booking salon blowout. Feel unkempt.
  4. About to curl up and read.
  5. Realizing I'm not eating too well, too many sweets--have to get smarter snacks and lunches for tomorrow. Must plan better, so I'm not frequently reaching for handfuls of Mini Nilla Wafers [ostensibly bought yesterday because I thought Punch would like them].


  1. Guess Figgy's there by now. Hope she has a wonderful time!!! Also hope she takes some pictures that maybe you can post when she returns. Love, Linny

  2. hi Lin. Thanks. I hope they are safe and sound. Greece is six hours ahead. they must be sleeping now. Figgy took her camera. how is everyone in your family? love, al