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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hey, BabyCakes

Here is the adorable cookbook. I must make pilgrimage to bakery in NYC!
Pruned the rosebushes, deadheaded the dahlias, fed the nasturtium. And: Went to Whole Foods baking aisle and stocked up on all the things I needed to try a couple of recipes in cozy BabyCakes cookbook by Erin McKenna [garbanzo-fava bean flour; potato starch; arrowroot; agave nectar; unsweetened applesauce; deep, dark Valrhona cocoa; and more]. My friend and next-door neighbor Julie gave me a load of sweet peaches from Pennsylvania, and I made the Blackberry, Peach and Oat Cobbler from the book. Tomorrow, I plan to make the brownies [in muffin tins, as author suggests] and freeze in batches.

Please understand, this is quite a departure from the fabulous brownies I've long mastered, and even the fruit crumbles and crisps, which involve copious amounts of butter and sugar. But I love experimenting, can't resist a good cookbook, and feel like I want to eat more healthfully, not so much refined white flour and sugar, etc. Buying these ingredients, especially the xanthum gum, was an investment. But now I have my arsenal.

I have to say that the cobbler was pretty good. Fruit so juicy! The three men at the table especially seemed to like it. I assembled it all and popped it in the oven at Anne and Michael's house, where we went for dinner. [I had to bake longer than time in book.]

Also: Figgy called us on Sis's iPhone from the cruise ship in Greece. Today they went to the island of Mykonos and she said it was beautiful. She sounded really happy. :)

Good night.

P.S. Check out pretty Erin McKenna, who is one of 12! children, baking with Martha Stewart on TV: 

  1. Boot camp in the park, fueled with PB on whole-wheat toast. Boot camp so hard today, in broiling heat, running up and down stadium steps, etc. Proud I did it.
  2. Whole Foods! Easy to overspend, so can't go often. Got fresh peppers; roasted red pepper dip; jalapeno hummus; good olives from olive bar; etc. etc.
  3. Walked Sug around block twice.
  4. Biked over to friends' house.
  5. Nurturing to see friends for dinner, share laughter, discuss prep for impending Hurricane Irene.
  6. Did delicate wash, hung on rack to dry, so have something nice to wear tomorrow.
  7. Relaxing shampoo and shower.
  8. Good tooth care.


  1. Is that how you are going to spend the hurricane? Baking? Go, Alice! Love, Linny Stay safe.

  2. Yes, if possible, and power cooperates, and gas stove. :) stay safe. love, alice