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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Storm Watch

Wine [beer for H.] with Patsy and Andy on their porch tonight [Sally and Peter, too] while their little children slept safely inside and the rain poured. Hope Hurricane Irene spares us, not like the last storm that sent the tree through our roof in March 2010.  [Here's something I wrote about that: House Proud.]

I miss my Dad. I really do. And hearing about hospital and nursing home patients being evacuated makes me think of him even more.

Dad, I miss you. Thank you for all of the lessons in goodness and kindness and smarts and humor that you left behind. I just really miss talking to you.

Punch, I also hope your little self is safe and dry, and not scared. And Figgy, soak up that Greek island sun with good Auntie and Don! Love you.

Good night.

  1. Met Anne at about 2:15 for iced coffee and an excellent white chocolate eclair that we split at the new French pastry place in town. 
  2. Nap.

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