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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Veil of Dread: Vacation Ending

I love Camden's cove on the coast of Maine.
Photo by Frank Russell,
We head home to New Jersey tomorrow, two weeks and one day since we left home for Cape Cod and Maine. I know, I'm spoiled. Some people never take vacations.

But I still don't want to go home. [I see I said the same thing in December when I wrote this post.]

Today, H., Fig, Kyle and I drove to Camden, the beautiful seaside town about 30 minutes away from John's house here in Belfast. We ate lunch out on the Camden Deli's upper deck, looking down at the gulls and the boats in the harbor. I bought my niece, Izzy, a long overdue birthday gift--a really cute dress with an anchor on it. And I found a great black Patagonia dress for myself on sale. I checked out Glendarragh Lavender, a sweet store, and intend to go back one day. They carry lavender for sachets and lavender for baking. Also: Lavender soap, and lavender laundry detergent. You get the idea. Darn, I meant to go back and get the detergent; I love to bring things home from vacation that lighten the load of housework drudgery and transport me back to that pretty place. Too late now.

Tonight, Figgy was surrounded by 12 of us, including her grandmother and younger cousins, at Young's Lobster Pound in Belfast. We ate outside overlooking the water and sang happy birthday to her. [She wanted a yellow cake with pink frosting, and I made it.] Figgy will be Sweet Sixteen on Wednesday, but will be away in Greece because Sis and Don are flying her to Athens Monday night and taking her on a cruise of the Greek islands! So lucky!

Have to go to sleep, because H. and I hope to wake at 6 and take a walk. Then we're making blueberry pancakes for the family, cleaning up and piling into the car to drive 450 miles.

Good night.

  1. Showered with really nice Alba Very Emollient French Lavender Bath & Shower Gel [even before I hit the lavender store in Camden].
  2. Walked a little here and there--the "shopping" walk, in Camden, and to the Co-op and back.
  3. Setting cell phone alarm to walk in the morning.

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