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Thursday, September 15, 2011

8 Little Gems from the Glittery City

Meeting bowls. News to me.

Took bus to NYC for doctor's appt. on Upper East Side. Dr. B. said I'm proud--and I'm impressed about the bike ride. But we both want me to lose more weight, for my health.

8 Little Gems
  1. Exercising with the masses. Walked 1 hour each way between doctor's office and bus terminal. Felt strong and healthy.
  2. Sidewalk style. Breathed it all in. The young women in their flat sandals with brightly painted toenails; the older woman with a belted trench coat, black high heels, bare legs and a gossamer-thin gold ankle bracelet. Young men in suits and navy blue blazers. Prep-school girls in short skirts. Slender, white-jeaned, well-dressed moms with their children. Nannies with their charges. Dog walkers with mighty and mini customers. Tourists speaking foreign languages.
  3. Magnolia Bakery. Near Radio City Music Hall--to shop with my eyes. That chocolate cake with thick coat of vanilla frosting looked amazing on that pedestal, under the cake dome.
  4. City bus. It started to rain and I had eight more blocks to walk up Madison without an umbrella. Liked that the driver was patient as I fished for change and that the well-dressed woman across the aisle gave me a friendly smile.
  5. Dean & DeLuca. Yum, what can I say. Iced coffee, sushi, two tiny Amy's sandwich cookies.
  6. Everything bagel. Toasted with butter. Not what the doctor ordered, but I swear it was the best bagel I've ever had.
  7. Bergdorf Goodman. Rain on walk back forced me into my favorite haunt, to stay dry. Browsed in Tory and Milly departments, saw a great wool crewneck fall sweater with leather elbow patches by another designer. Wanted it. Peeked in the candy and tea alcove on 7, picked up and put down a rich brownie to go on 5F.
  8. "Meeting bowls" in Times Square. Designed to encourage group chats/a healthy community in the big city. Intriguing.
But worried about Ruth, my older friend and former boss. We worked together closely for many years at the magazine. She lives near my doctor, and we've sometimes met when I'm there. But last time, she didn't show up, and since then, no answer. I tried again on my cell phone today. Her line just rang and rang. Must do some sleuthing. I miss Ruth.

Good night.

  1. Good tooth and hair care.
  2. All that walking.
  3. Walked Sug around block once. 
  4. Made banana bread, so warm and comforting. Used whole-grain flour, coconut oil instead of butter, agave nectar, dark chocolate chips, walnuts.


    1. I hope you find out what happened to your friend (and I hope it's nothing bad.) That would really bother me – I know how you must feel. Love, Lin

    2. Aww, I remember Ruth! I hope she's OK.