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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 2, Battle Against Hunger Bike Ride

The bike route took us over the bridge where Washington crossed the Delaware. But
the walkway was narrow, so we had to walk our bikes over.
Oil painting by Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze,  1851.
Today, Anne, Elly and I rode another 42 miles. Barbara did over 80, I think! Anne's teen son Ryan's friend Santi did another century--two days, back to back, of 100 miles each. [All of the teens were amazing--Ryan, Emmy and Joe, too.] It was beautiful going through Amish country, sharing the road with horse-drawn buggies holding families heading to church. We saw signs for Brown Eggs and Dressed Chickens--sauerkraut and chow chow, too. Rows and rows of carefully planted farm crops and flowers. Corn so tall, zinnias so bright. Cows and horses, little Shetland ponies. And chickens, roosters, pigs. Amish boys speeding downhill on their bikes.

One hill in particular was a true beast, and we had to walk our bikes halfway up. But at the top, the view down at the farm valley was stunning. It looked like a patchwork quilt, with careful contrast between grass, farm and roads.

We then hitched a ride and got out again with our bikes for the final 15 miles of today's 100-mile route. It took us over the bridge where Washington crossed the Delaware River on Christmas Day, 1776 in Trenton, NJ. It was really cool. Then we biked a long while on a towpath along a canal.

I am awed and inspired by my friends, and by the other Battle Against Hunger riders. Our Montclair "pod" hopes to do it again next year. I told Anne I'm planning to bake some great goodies for the riders. One really nice guy riding for his ninth year--Denny--made chocolate-chip cookies that were served at every rest stop. I have to get in on that! [We were also offered bananas, oranges, pretzels, smooth and crunchy PB, bread, fig bars, Twinkies, Yodels, Power Bars and liquid shots/gels, plus ice water.]

Really tired now. We got home about 8:30 P.M. [1.5 hour drive from closing ceremony in Trenton]. I immediately filled the tub with hot water and bubbles but have not gotten in yet.

The time has come.

Good night.

Again, self-explanatory for today! Except, oops, did have one darn Twinkie.


  1. Congratulations, Alice! I am so proud of you. "Ya done good." Love, Lin

  2. Lin, thank you. i hope things are going well. love, al

  3. Alice, this is so amazing! Look at what that body can do! Never doubt yourself, friend.

  4. Wow. You give me something to aspire to. I have never never biked forty miles. And you did it two days in a row! What's more, it sounds like you had fun! I would crown you with a laurel wreath if I could reach you.

  5. Hi Eileen and Nan. Thank you for the supportive comments. It really was life changing, I think, that two-day ride. would love laurel wreath, Nan!!! :) alice