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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nights in Red Velvet

Godiva makes devilishly good chocolate-dunked Oreos.
As you know, I'm a card-carrying member of the Godiva Chocolate Rewards Club. Tonight I was a press guest at an exclusive Cocktail & Cake Event featuring celeb pastry chef Duff Goldman [star of Food Network's Ace of Cakes and Sugar High]. This chocolate nirvana happened at Godiva's new flagship boutique on 650 Fifth Avenue between 51st and 52nd streets--right next to Juicy Couture, across the street from Versace and about a block up from St. Patrick's Cathedral.

I sipped a Godiva Midnight Martini--made with the company's chocolate-infused vodka, shaken on ice--and sampled Ultimate Dessert Truffles in chocolate soufflé and red velvet cake [the RV was really good]. Also had a nice slice of red velvet cake from Charm City Cakes, the bakery Mr. Goldman made famous.

Loved looking at the carefully arranged pyramids of truffles and most of all, the special molded Halloween pieces sold by the pound: Almond Butter Bat; Caramel Apple Tombstone; Death by Chocolate Skull; and Marshmallow Ghost. Totally whimsical, colorful, decadent, fun. Would love to be @ Halloween party where they were served--so would you. [Just realized after writing that sentence that the things we offer on a silver tray really elevate the event for our guests.]

As we balanced our cake plates and martini glasses, heard a few words from Ed Jankowski, senior VP in charge of Godiva's North American stores, and from Mr. Goldman, who sported a leather blazer and sunny yellow Puma Dallas sneakers, and praised Godiva's really, really amazing flavors [his words].

You're the elite of the elite, Mr. Jankowski said to the gathering of Rewards Club members who had each paid $35 to attend, were entitled to 20 percent off all purchases tonight, and left with goody bags to boot.

Mr. Goldman had also made a dramatic cake--which was on display--that echoed the boutique's showcase "tablet" wall. The confection included dozens of carefully rendered dollhouse-size Godiva bars.

And about that cake from his Charm City bake shop? Enviable moist and tender crumb. And the color was deep, dark and mysterious, like a redhead crossed with a brunette--I could see notes of rich cocoa. 

As for me, with the promise of a 20% discount, I picked up a bag of five dark Chocolate Dipped Oreo Cookies, regularly $12.

Now what if I want to put these in the freezer? I asked the friendly sales associate.

I don't recommend it, because the chocolate might bloom, he said.

Yes, you're right, I said. And besides, if I know they're in the freezer, they won't be there that long anyway.

Other sweet news: A. I loved walking home, past Radio City, Time Life Building, Pink store [as in tailored Thomas, not lacy Victoria's Secret], the restaurant Aureole, Times Square. And B. when I got home, found Fig and H. had made a beautiful pink-iced layer cake, using a Cake Bible recipe, for Figgy's friend's birthday.

Good night.

  1. Walked about 45 minutes in NYC, from Port Authority to 57th and Fifth Avenue, and back again.
  2. Found great Jude Connally dress, half price. Did not have cash but nice saleswoman holding it until Sunday. Link for dresses:
  3. Nice iced coffee.
  4. Private Benjamin.

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