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Monday, October 31, 2011

Black Cat Crossed Our Path

My feet are killing me. Wearing black slingback heels for hours. Rose 6:30; Sug and I drove H. to LaGuardia Airport for flight to Michigan, to save money taking car service there. Traffic backed up both ways @ GWB. Missed Monday boot camp. Don't like that. Made myself take a morning walk in Montclair with Sug once we were back in town. We walked in and around Edgemont Park, crunching snow underfoot. On Princeton Place, we passed the original home of famous moonwalker Buzz Aldrin, "Montclair's Man on the Moon." The plaque in front of the house was dedicated in 1969. Then: A fluffy black cat with spooky light green eyes stared right at me and Sug and crossed the road in front of us. Bad luck, right?  Hope not. So full of candy. Too hard to have it around. We got tons of trick or treaters and it all went buunfortunately, I ate way more than a little in between doorbell rings. Tried saving myself. Bought whole-wheat kaiser rolls, roast turkey and broccoli salad at 5 P.M. Not enough of a candy antidote, but a first line of defense. Good night to you, though I'm not going to sleep yet. No school in town again tomorrow, b/c of power outage. Eight teens in living room watching horror flick and I offered to drive a couple home later. Happy Halloween! 
  1. The walk, 30 minutes.
  2. Turkey on roll; God knows how much more candy I could have consumed. So unhealthy. Aha! Is black cat's fault; it jinxed me, for sure.


  1. Fancy Alice and her fancy shoes. You are a fashion heroine to me (maybe called "Accessory Girl") for being able to stay dressed up all day and wear high heeled shoes! Those days are long gone for me.

    "Comfortable Sneaker Girl"

  2. Lin.....:) did wear sneakers for walk w. dog!!!! were heels ever a favorite in past for Lin? love alice

  3. For about one month in the early 80s. I wore them with skinny jeans and big hair. Then I had kids.