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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pretty Powerful

Souvenir from Princeton*.
We lost our power in the snowstorm yesterday. H., Figgy and I listened to the transistor radio, lit candles, had a fire. I scooted over to the pizza place to get a warm order of baked ziti for us to share--Starbucks was closed, but the wood-oven pizza place was hanging on.

With no heat and frost on the pumpkin and the windows, we went to sleep under piles of blankets. By morning, the oil burner had kicked on. But the Montclair public schools are closed tomorrow, due to so many remaining power outages and fallen trees/tree limbs around town. Fig and friends thrilled.

It was a weekend of polar opposites--with some bread thrown in for good measure:
  • Muddy sneakers. Saturday, drove to Citi Field in Queens [where the Mets play] at 7 A.M. to watch Patsy, her husband, Andy, and six women from boot camp do the Men's Health Urbanathlon. [That was early! Checked night before that our Starbucks opens 5 A.M., so zipped in for a hot cocoa before leaving town.] So inspiring. It was cold and rainy, and they did a 9.2-mile obstacle course: running the steps at Arthur Ashe Stadium, site of the US Open; climbing a cargo net over parked taxis and buses; scaling a wall; doing the steps at Citi Field; and more. I am so proud to know them. They are strong, disciplined, good role models, not afraid to take on big challenges--and all eight are parents. Patsy and Andy have Maddy and Will; Rebecca has two-year-old twins and an older son; Arin is a full-time teacher with two young kids. I marvel at the way they carve out time to do the things they love, the things that keep them fit and focused. [I feel like when I first became a mother to Figgy and when Punch was around, I lost myself.] My friends trained hard since summer for the race, on top of doing boot camp three times weekly. I challenged myself a little Saturday, too, driving solo over the GWB; Major Deegan Expressway; and Robert F. Kennedy Bridge. In rush hour, I would have been stressed out with all of those fast changes on unfamiliar roads, but it was still early, so traffic was light.
  • Glittery pumps. From mud-caked Nikes to diamond-dusted princess heels--life is both. Went to Princeton today with Sis to meet our cousins Linda and Judi--the college town is about midway between us. Laughed over lunch and then spent lots of time ogling and wanting in Kate Spade on Hulfish Street. Red handbags; luscious gray suede shoulder bags; pink suede pumps; cocktail rings; hot pink coats. Oh so lovely, such a candy store of glamour. Between the four of us, we bought one thing there: My Supercalifragilipstick! in Red. Love it. Would have bought more, but all watching our dollars at the moment, for various reasons. We'll be back.
  • Bread line. My work takes me funny places and gives rise to colorful things. My work friend Kate, based in Chicago, put me in touch with her friend Holly, who is doing some marketing for Flatout Flatbreads, Hungry Girl Foldit Flatbreads and Hungry Girl Foldit Sliders. I hadn't bought them in stores yet, so Holly shipped me a box of samples with Halloween recipe ideas [Cold-Pizza Creepy Crawlies and Spooky-Good PB&J, for instance]. I have lots of neighbors with young children--Julie was happy to get the little Foldit Sliders, which are really cute, like two connected mini pitas that you just fold over. She was going to use them for her kids' lunchbox sandwiches. Patsy chose the whole wheat sliders. Sis and Judi each took a pack of flatbread for sandwiches. Between the power outage and the Kate Spading, I didn't get a chance to try the Halloween Pumpkin Face Pizzas--but I shared the wealth.
  1. Ordered side salad vs. fries with turkey burger today. And, um, that's about it.
*Good to know: Free ground shipping at any price to all 50 states right now at And always check the sale section!


    1. I REALLY wanted a red handbag. Any of them would have sufficed. Judi and I had such a good time... laughed so much! Love, Linda P.S. Your banana bread was the best I ever tasted. Joey would not rest until I gave him a slice, so of course, I tasted it, too. Yum.

    2. Lin. i know. I am still thinking of those lovely bags, esp the grey one. So pretty. the ones that got away. it was great seeing everyone. i want to keep eye on sale section at however, no $$$ to spend. love, al xoxoxo p.s. glad banana bread was good. tell me if yo want recipe. whole grain flr, canola oil, no btr or eggs. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!