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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jangly Nerves

Was going to mail this book to Punch, but we delivered in person instead tonight.

Crankfest. Spent day trying to work and being derailed one time after another. It was fine at first, picking up a sweet neighbor waiting at the bus stop in the pouring rain, then the coffee break with Fig and pal. But then went to CVS to pick up Rx I had called in--for four pills, a bridge amount until our checks came in--and it was denied. I had to go through a big [embarrassing] explanation, then schlep back a second time. And made another fruitless drive to another destination at 4:15.

Was finally settling into my work at 6 P.M., trying to get an article revise back to my editor, when an urgent call came from Punch's Mommy, and two more hours out in the rain with Fig, Punch and Punch's Mommy, driving and drugstoring again [this time it was Rite Aid in a town fairly far from here]. Grateful Fig was there, to read the Halloween book* we had brought along for Punch.

Now I just yelled at Figgy and at H., for stupid reasons. And I'm tired of taking that darn dog out in rain. I can be a very gracious helper but then I cross a line and lose my cool, my grounding.

Must rest. Tomorrow new day. New slate. Good night.

*My favorite part of the book is the surprise mirror at the end, which reveals who is loved best of all. 

  1. Resisted baklava and French fries at Falafel Hut. Went in for falafel sandwich on whole-wheat pita in pouring rain, but those big helpings of golden, toasty fries and those squares of pastry looked so good in a downpour. Emerged victorious. And stuck to the economical dinner, which was $5.34 plus a little change for tip jar.
  2. Held my emotional ground in some ways, though lost it in others.
  3. Picked up and put down candy bars by register at CVS: Snickers Peanut Butter Squared; Kit Kat Dark; and PayDay. Bought bag of small, individually wrapped Ghirardelli dark chocolate squares instead. Portion control. I hope.

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